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August 4th:Regarde Moi will be exhibited during Habitat Festival.

February: I was part of the retouching team for the Berlin showroom article on imagista

January: VICE Belgium made an article about my work!

On 4th July, from 19 until 20, I will be part of a talk about the show الكلاب تنبح والقافلة تسير on radio centraal, Antwerp

From July 1st until 14th: I will be showing my video K28 at the exhibition الكلاب تنبح والقافلة تسير in Keistraat 1, Antwerp

From June 23rd until 25th: I will show my new video Écoute moi at the exhibition The Number 9 in Extra City, along work of 8 other master student from the royal academy of antwerp

28th April: my zine /ʃɛz/ will be on sale at "Kom Dat Zine" at the gallery Trobel Neyntje, Antwerp

27th April: Launch of a video clip that I made for the channel K28, music by gin$eng

On March 2nd I will show a new work in Extra City in collaboration with Léa Zannis. There will be an installation, performance, pictures and a video.

I will be performing on February 24th 2017 in Extra City for the masterclass "Knowing me, Knowing you", Antwerp

From January 12th till February 26th 2017 I will be showing my video "Regarde Moi" in the group exhibition Selfciety in Munich.